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Holder's victory claim, however, is unclear to me.

We really mean we won't hurt you regardless of what you've done. I'm sorry, but this is too stupid to be an issue. I saw it yesterday in the Fishwrapper. It seems the NFL is uprightously protecting their potential earnings which an intrepid T-shirt merchant was jeopardizing. The entrepreneur in question was selling souvenir shirts with the phrase, "Who Dat" on the front. Now, we've got rebuttal from the senator from LA:We Own Who Dat Says VitterNew Orleans "owns" the two-word phrase says the law-maker. Well, riddle me this. We worked on four of our tracks.

It's sounding very majestic.

We'll post some clips at a later date.

Back in the studio in Gothenburg soon to finish the songs. See more ABCs here.

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Instead of the nuts, I added large pieces of banana to the batter and when baked, they were creamy and delicious.

The chunks of banana lengthen the baking time a little bit, so check the centre with a toothpick before removing it from the oven. As it is in this recipe, the cake would be great for sending to school/work as it has no nuts in it and it would survive a lunch box. Just a quick word about the liquid in this batter. The neighbor kid had one of these, It was in beautiful condition, he took great care of it, however it was a true lemon. Desirable Qualification: Knowledge of Hindi and local language. Every so often I hear a pastor or even a theologian say something like, "God knows what it's like to lose a son".

I bite my tongue when I hear statements like that because I think it reflects a flawed understanding of the Incarnation.

The implication is that due to the hypostatic union, the divine nature experiences what the human nature experiences. As a result, the Incarnation is a learning experience for God. But in reality, the Father didn't "lose" his Son. The Son qua Son didn't die. .