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" The Holy Spirit, the artisan of God's works, is the master of prayer. Side effect of bending and mending the tiller's swan neck was recognising the sad state of the upper tiller bearing. Clearly we need a new one of these. First thing is to get the tiller off with the help of a hydraulic extractor. Then to the bearing itself. What about a crowbar? Nothing doing. Resort to the angle grinder. Philip says he always ends up doing that. Bearing casing is cut through. The view form the backyard barbeque Standing in the backyard Sunday while grilling I was staring up into the sky and watching some birds circle around. Zipping and diving this way and that. It doesn't really have anything to do with today's post, but I illustrate this moment only to show that it is in times like these that I contemplate stuff like Trans Iowa and where it is going, and ultimately, how the heck I am going to get out of it. As with any human, I feel it is natural to wonder when activities you are involved with will stop. New parts for the Tamland As mentioned in yesterday's post, I got a few new bits for the Tamland.

I figured once I got to that point I would implement my plan to lower the gearing on this rig even more.

Key thing there was that I did not shorten the chain when I did that.


Photo by I.

Peterson. I am pleased to have been selected as PPC to fight the new constituency of Wyre and Preston North at the next general election, whenever Mr Brown summons up the courage to call it. With two extremely strong candidates in Morecambe and Lunesdale and Lancaster and Fleetwood, not to mention Blackpool North and Cleveleys, the UK Independence Party will put up a good strong showing next time around in Lancashire. Of course we have, and continue to adopt, candidates throughout the North West and, with genuinely new and refreshing policies announced at the national conference earlier this month, we are set to make an impact throughout the region. Here's how it was reported in the Morecambe Visitor:. This is ZINE IDOL! We would love you to be part of the audience and meet and mingle with the zine makers. It's almost Friday, not sure where the week went, but this summer is just flying by! Would you agree? I haven't had time to go through my beach pictures yet to post a few, so I thought I'd share a couple other crafting things instead. I was having fun with my Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists one day for an assignment and made this card. It's a really fun and simple technique.

Last night we had our usual monthly cousins get together.

Geraldine drove. We went to a cousins house who lives about an hour away.

There were five of us total.

Diana finished a scrappy little quilt for a child, perhaps a girl, we will hold it in reserve. I believe that we will know when the right time and person to give it to presents itself. Athens located firm Nikos Koukourakis & Associates put together this contemporary masterpiece with plenty of slatted wood, concrete and stone. The architects had a great conceptual idea of how to construct this home, with a plan that was more focused on the actual living spaces than the corridors and unused areas. via. A couple of days ago I wrote about IL Governor Blagojevich and his authority to do what his state has written into law as a power of the governor of the state. Consider these easily stipulated facts:Blago is the Governor. Blago is empowered to appoint to fill vacancies to the US Senate seats from Illinois. A vacancy exists because former US Senator Obama gave up the job. The IL legislature has not acted to modify the power of the governor nor is he under impeachment. They are set to arrive in March or April. He's quite serious about his training and wants to be the best in the world. Jada's adaptation features his signature red gloves and headband. In addition to her excellent martial arts techniques, she is also an Interpol officer. He's a major in the US Air Force, he's as tough as nails, and he has an undying loyalty to his country. Gli alunni della piccola scuola di Filicudi hanno proseguito il loro percorso formativo per arricchire la loro "cultura della coltura". zero. There is a very thin line between inflation and theft. It's called fiduciary responsibility, it's a matter of law, and Bernanke and Paulson are not included in an exculpatory footnote.

Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and a host of other top officials deliberately, willingly, and with malice aforethought, established a system of interrogation using brutal techniques that they knew were against the law.

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So sorry to see them fade away for the year.

This was what our loft looked like toward the end of our first day back to school. Chloe was finishing up her last subject and Emma was reading. I think we were all thankful to be back into our school routine. The girls and I moved all the school stuff upstairs during December and created a true school space in our loft. I'm so glad God gives a chance to start over every morning. Today's inspirational quote was from Gloria Gaither. No matter the beach, the weather or the conditions I just cannot seem to resist the thrill of the hunt. Some of you by now have seen the story of Rev. Tom Brock. Rev. It seems that his crime was his attendance at a local chapter of Courage, a Catholic-run, prayer-based support group for men struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions. "There are so many levels to this story:Those who did what they could to discredit his message that homosexuality is wrong. The importance of a support group to help him with his struggle. Catholic Exchange has the story and interview. My Sunday morning walk. A bit foggy out there this morning. Stay safe. Philip Bailey is one of my favorite singers. His dynamic falsetto has slipped effortlessly among a variety of musical grooves R&B, soul, jazz, funk and more. It was also included on the album entitled "Continuation" in the same year on CBS Records. It's another Unity Stamp of the Week reveal! This one is ca-ute! Here's a look at some of the projects the Design Team created. We are so thankful for all you have done and continue to do to protect our freedom. Have a fantastic Sunday!. Here is an interesting article about how Filofax as a brand is using social media along with emails to market to their customers. There is mild moderation. Normal rules of blogger etiquette and courtesy to blog hosts will apply. with serious transgressors being thrown out. Visitors might consider the wisdom of using moderate language. Regards Adolf. As I may have mentioned once or twice before, when Andrew Sullivan shuttered his site and declared "I will blog no more forever", Imaginary Conservatism lost one of its most prominent voices. But Imaginary Conservatism is growth industry and a very lucrative one, so matter how many of its outlets stores go out of business, there will always be another one adding inventory to make up the difference. Donald Trump is not the end of Conservatism as we know it. Donald Trump is the predictable and inevitable culmination of Conservatism as I have known it for my entire adult life. This is part of my "From the Archives" series, which consists of texts from e-mails I sent to friends describing my experiences at poetry events. Remember, for me readings are enjoyable for two separate reasons: the love of poetry, and the mania for collecting. I am who I am. You can really sense a difference in the approach, as well as the experience from six years of signings. I. USED foamie surfboard sale! We are selling off some of our USED foamie / beginner surfboards to make way for new inventory.

Inventory going quick.

Foamie boards are especially designed for surf schools and first timers as they are extra thick, wide and stable and are a safe and fun way to get started surfing and learn quickly and safely.

Dings are no bueno on your board or on your person. Thanks. Design by T. And most likely, if you're hosting friends for either an eight-course meal or a Super Bowl party, you're going to need to whip together a drink or two — and thusly, the need for a home bar. The good news? One doesn't always need a built-in wet bar in order to entertain guests — sometimes all you need is a flat surface and a few supplies. It quickly became apparent that this was a meaningless deadline as the government could do little in such a short period of time, there was no criteria for how the government was to be assessed, and the premier’s top priority was to silence the demonstrations, not bring about real efficiency to the bureaucracy. By doing so, Maliki was making it clear that the deadline was meaningless. Everyone who didn’t present a positive report within the given timeframe, could be assured of a new one. At midnight on New Year's Eve, Bonnie posted the reveal to the mystery quilt.

It's very pretty! I'm happy with my color choices and looking forward assembling the blocks.

Here are the pieces that will fit on my design wall. Here's a closer look at my fabrics. We are having a major winter storm and I didn't have to go to work today. I must admit that I sent way too long playing candy crush. I did rearrange and clean my sewing room this weekend. I have no idea how many lives will be saved as a result. Wanna know what the NIJ said about "buybacks"? Meaning the rights thieves need to make it mandatory for everything and everyone in Everytown. And expect that to be every bit as successful as the "War on Drugs," and a lot more dangerous once tribal "gun lords" start fighting over turf. But the important thing is, this smug useful idiot feels good about herself. Well, I am half Scotch and Welsh too so I guess that helped. These are really fun to make. After you cut them out you let them rise on cookie sheets coated in cornmeal. Proofing in the oven. Better than Wolferman's. .