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Ancillary Mercy is the third book in Ann Leckie's "Imperial Radch" trilogy.

These really must be read in order, as they are a clear and straight narrative from the beginning of the first book to end of the last.

Mercy won the Locus Best Novel award. Science Fiction is my favorite genre, and space opera is my favorite sub-genre. This series fits the bill beautifully, but it's not your father's space opera. from the back of the book:Ancillary Mercy is the stunning conclusion to the trilogy that began with Ancillary Justice, the only novel ever to win the Hugo, Nebula, and Arthur C. Clarke awards. For a moment, things seemed to be under control for Breq, the soldier who used to be a warship. Then a search of Athoek Station's slums turns up someone who shouldn't exist, and a messenger from the mysterious Presger empire arrives, as does Breq's old enemy, the divided, heavily armed, and possibly insane Anaander Mianaai -ruler of an empire at war with itself. After twenty five plus years of marriage, my husband is still my favorite Valentine. We'd flown back from Oslo to Manchester, had a meal in a Brewer's Fayre pub on the way south, and got back to Erin Mae in time to unpack our cases before bed. We need to get to Mercia Marina by Monday night. The first stretch is familiar territory. The clematis was making a good show over one of the canalside cottages… and the signs at this one always make us smile – I've seen them on other people's blogs as well. My best beloved informed me this was a pink hawthorne at Wolseley Bridge, so that was worth getting out the camera again and using the zoom as it receded behind us. Perfection? It looks that way. Okay regular readers, this is fair warning for you. From now until. Good morning Augusta. This morning it is clear, then partly cloudy. Tonight it will be partly cloudy. Sheriff’s Office dispatchers Ben Fox, Hailey Davis and Lt. Charlene Sprinkle-Huff with the candy packages they delivered to the Domestic Abuse Shelter this week. Also helping: Ted Sweet and Erika Cangemi and everyone who donated candy. The kids were very excited!!!. We are excited to announce that D. P. D. P. I've had a self-proclaimed DG political blackout going on for a while now. I don't want to get too worried/concerned/educated on political events ANYWHERE because I'm just not into it and I find it disturbing to my chi. So yet another name for terrorism. That's just disrespectful. For a fundamentalist group, you would think they would have thought that through a little better. All of a sudden, dudes are all over the media. Recently, while at the Attic Window Quilt Shop, Adrienne was auditioning background fabrics for these wonky stacked coins. Which do you like? This brilliant green background piece? Or do you prefer this gray background piece? What do think she will choose? Adrienne also gave us a hot tip. She told us that when you go to the department store and buy a pair of pants, they give you a pants hanger. The bus will take you to four different shops. Lunch and dinner are included. It’s not too late to sign up. Five years ago at Christmas I set up a "collective greeting card" for the readers of this blog. There were only about a dozen responses, but they were good ones. Don't email me the photo - just give the link and I'll go there and copy the photo. inevitable dread Gibbed were a Japanese Death/grindcore band, and to my knowledge only released this ep along with a split with the Japanese band Multiplex. Good character. is not given to us. We have to build it piece by piece— by thought, choice, courage, and determination. John Luther "…. choose for yourselves today whom you will serve: whether the gods which your fathers served … or the gods …. A good book, hot chocolate, sleepy, warm dogs, cashmere rug.

A couple weeks ago, I took you along on a tour of a Toll Brothers home.

This model is known as the Chelsea Savannah. Who wouldn't love a porch like that?! Especially, when that porch has this lovely view! I seriously would be out there all day. Let's go inside. To the right of the foyer is the formal living room. So during the holidays I always end up using all of my favorite creative techniques to make my own gift bags out of paper bags! Doodling and drawing is a great way to instantly transform just about anything! I use my favorite pens and watercolors and treat a paper bag just like a sketchbook page. Yes, it it more time consuming than going out and buying wrapping but it transforms a gift into something really special! I'm a "use whatever I have on hand" kind of gal and you will often catch me using nail polish in my mixed media projects! Stamping is just about the easiest way to create surfaces with pattern! I used my rubber stamps to create some pretty gift bags. With a toddler around I find myself creating things that are whimsical and fun. Note: I rarely if ever use traditional holiday colors when I am creating wrapping paper and bags- instead I select colors the same way I do when I am working on art. From Ranger up. Stay safe. see it all at VOGUE. TGIF and a phone dump!!!! thanksgiving ended up being at my house this year and it was the best time ever. and it gave me an excuse to make the craft paper runners!! everyone chipped in and painted. so fun and sooo easy. after thanksgiving me and the fam, heading to charleston for a night of fun and to check on the progress of the new construction i'm working on. Thank you so much for sharing all your favorite spring rites with us all!! It is amazing that we all have very similar favorite activities no matter where we all live!! So, who is the random winner of the two quilt books? All names went into a hat and this is the one I pulled out- Nancy Sue, send me an email with your address so I can send out your books!! Thank you all again for participating in the Spring Blog Hop! So, what are you all doing this fine early spring weekend?? It is raining here in northern Virginia all day today, so it was just as well, that I spent the day reading!! This week, I read all three of the Hunger Games books… truly addictive! Did you read them? Did you like them? Are you going to see the movie??. “Where are you going?” my dog Edward asked Saturday morning. “Out looking for yard sales. It's Saturday. ”“But it’s going to start raining,” he objected. He likes it when I stay home with him. “How do you know that?”“The fluctuations in barometric pressure make my tail wag,” Edward said. I looked at him. His tail was wagging.

“But Edward, your tail wags all the time.

It doesn’t rain all the time. Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day: “The truth is, of course, that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time. " - David BowieA hint of a chill and a fog of meaning reveals themselves as morning begins in the village. We gaze upon a forlorn and abandoned coastline at first light, and marvel at dozens of empty parking spaces. Though today may be a day of self-assessment and appraisal, these truths will not be revealed in current water levels. The charts and times will be the key, so keep a watchful and hopeful eye on future hours. CHANNEL: A resolute quiet. The almost imperceptible whistle of wind. Yards of exposed sand and bits of driftwood. Good morning and happy Monday! Partly cloudy skies with some sun. Side/off shore winds are picking up this afternoon.

Nice surf conditions with some NW swell, folks surfing both sides this morning.

The patch is knee to thigh high with a few sets larger rolling through. The channel is showing bigger surf, but longer intervals. It looks thigh to waist high average over there. Just a reminder to pack your trash!!! PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach. The Islamic State’s defenses finally appeared to be breaking in east Mosul. The Federal and Rapid Reaction police freed Dumiz and Palestine in the southeast, while the Golden Division also took Baladiyat in the northeast. The latter was seizing the ground around the Mosul University next door for an eventual assault. Sukar to the north of that neighborhood has been declared liberated three times, but was still being fought over. That may be too high, but the majority of the Left Coast is definitely now occupied. Whether its days or weeks it definitely looks like half of the city will be taken this month. The Islamic State is still putting up a fight for every neighborhood. The militants were shooting at displaced families attempting to flee the fighting in Sumer and Wahda. Opposite Day "progressive" smear artist Andrew Rosenthal from The New York Times goes after The Donald for speaking in ways not acceptable to the cultural terraformers, and presumes himself to be our Trump/English translator. I guess plain speaking and short, direct sentences need to be dissected and explained by our urbane betters, kind of like the Second Amendment. This oughtta be rich. This is not just about bigotry. The mass arrest and forced movement of large populations has been an instrument of genocide throughout history. Really? How did they do that? You know, by doing this first: Clinton did not mention the simple fact that if we stopped selling guns today, there would still be too many. The only real solution is to reduce the number of weapons in circulation, but no politician, including Clinton, wants to talk about that. Enjoy the Middle Eastern Cuisine and learn how to make Cashew Nuts Cookies. Remove from oven to cool down to room temperature. Cut into small slices and serve. If you can get your hands on some fresh eggs and some chives that are just pushing their way through the ground right now, make this omelet. The number of eggs you use depends on how many you are feeding and the size of the eggs. Chop up some fresh chives. Grate some good cheddar cheese. I used Double Gloucester. All flowers were made by me. I have a video below on that and links to all ribbons used. The others were made using Heartfelt Creations Posy Patch diecut. I've also added some buttons. There are brads in the centers of the other flowers I made with paper. I used seam binding ribbon in blue for a few scrunchey flowers and for my bow. .