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Two blog posts in one year? Shut your mouth.

I'm back with my third review of Stitch Fix. Have you heard of Stitch Fix? You can sign up for it here. I had another stylist named Rachel for this fix. With each fix received, the stylist adds a personal note and gives suggestions for how to wear each item and maybe a reasoning for why she chose it for you. I hear at Films in Review that today is Ray Harryhausen's birthday.

But this was no sycophantic wallow.

He's someone who really changed film. " The Press Association reports: "Movie veteran Ray Harryhausen is offering his life's work to the National Media Museum. "His official website is here. There are photos of his creations here. FilmReference. The still was posted HERE, but cropped at the top. Here's the full version of the picture. More Big Moon Check them here. " Ms.

She writes: .

Regarding the post "More Vioxx Agony", I can add the following opinion regarding Dr. Ed Scolnick. It is my personal belief that Dr.

Scolnick would not have let a drug on the market that he truly believed had significant risks.

Hi Everyone. I hope your having a fantastic and rejuvenating weekend. We're so close to the festivities now that I can hardly keep myself from thinking about it. Good Morning Everyone, Happy Friday!! Today is Freebie time at Blackleaf Studios. WOOHOOO!! Today you are getting TWO awesome butterflies. Spread the word and help support this worthwhile cause!!!!. So when will spring arrive? The first scheduled athletic event on the schedule is next Tuesday. That day the Jaguars girls' golf team is scheduled to go to Albion Ridges golf course in rural Annandale for a Central Minnesota Conference meet. We'll need a lot of heat before that happens, though. And check this out! Labels: bbe jaguars girls golf, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Jaguars girls golf. via.

The Jaguars gave up only one "big play" on defense in the second half.

the one resulting in the Cubs second touchdown. Beyond that, they had a great defensive showing after halftime. How easy is that? I can tell you that I always know someone having a birthday or some one is always asking me for a birthday card. Earlier this month, Deckboss told you how the landlord out on Adak had told the new occupant of the island's lone fish plant to get out. Or be thrown out. Well, the latest twist in the drama is that Adak Seafood, which in November bought the former Adak Fisheries operation out of bankruptcy, asked for a temporary restraining order to prevent landlord Aleut Enterprise from "hindering" the plant. "Such actions are currently causing Adak Seafood significant damage, and if not immediately enjoined, will cause damage to all fishermen seeking to offload without traveling back to Dutch Harbor or dealing with Trident," says the motion for the restraining order. Trident Seafoods Corp. , an unsuccessful bidder for the Adak plant, is expected to send a processing ship to the Adak region. So yes, he said, Aleut Enterprise's fuel subsidiary, Adak Petroleum, did cut off fuel sales after Dec. ‎. I stopped at the Attic Window Quilt Shop today and guess what I saw! I get so excited every time I go in there because there is always something new to see and a class or a bee going on. I know I'll find someone with a show-n-tell. Today Barb was showing this quilt. It is a quilt-as-you-go project and I first blogged about it here. If you are interested in learning how to make this quilt, stop by the shop during that time. No need to bring a sewing machine as machines will be available for you to use. For a small fee you will receive a kit to make a block and try this new technique. I was wondering the aisles of Home Depot with my list from Karen’s Tool Time Tuesday blog. I like to take her on outings with me. We were in one of the aisles looking for the first item on the list when I noticed a man standing there with an orange bucket in one hand and pawing through some long plastic tubes. He looked like he’d trained with Special Forces. Biceps bulged from beneath his white tee shirt. The announcement came after UNESCO's decision to turn the area to an international heritage reserve after conducting an inclusive study to develop the area. Abdel-Rahman said the developmental project will be executed in cooperation with the General Authority for Tourist Development. I just love this picture from my Mother-in-law. It is a sweet picture of my Hubby when he was nothing but a squirt. It use to hang in our hallway with many other family pictures. Recently, I bought the rose picture at a thrift store and thought the two would look perfect together. I found a great spot for them together in our front room. People are always amazed when they see the picture thinking it is a new picture of my son made to look like an antique. It's been a crappy couple days around here, with me and the Goober sick and the Husbeast doing a work project that involves him not being home most of tomorrow. Thankfully, we've got shoes to talk about. Here they are without socks, so you can kind of get an idea of them:Here they are with feet in them. I'm wearing white socks, which should be pretty obvious. Aaaaand here's a shot from the side, to sort of round things out. I took the photo myself, so it's goofy, but you get the idea. Up next week: More Sketchers. Ancestor Approved AwardI was recently nominated for an Ancestor Approved Award by three of my fellow genealogists, Annie Barnes at Hibbitt Family History Blog, Kerry Farmer at Family History Research and Judy Webster at Genie Leftovers. This award was created by Leslie Ann Ballou of the Ancestors Live Here blog. Recipients are asked to list ten surprising, humbling or enlightening aspects of their research and to then pass the award on to ten other genealogy researchers or bloggers. When I talk to friends and acquaitances about my interest in genealogy, I am surprised at how many of them would like to know more about their own family history and yet have done nothing about it. One of my earliest genealogy discoveries was that a recent family of five sisters were all illegitimate. The biggest surprise was that the girls themselves didn't appear to know they had several half-siblings! At the start of my research, I was very humbled to meet other, more experienced researchers who were more than happy to share the fruits of their hard labour. and cresting with a plume of long feathery fronds, makes a graceful silhouette of unique beauty. Girls of Bible times must have been pleased to receive the name “Tamar” as did Judah’s daughter-in-law, Absalom’s sister, and also his daughter, who was described as “a woman most beautiful in appearance”. The long taproot of the palm enables it to reach down to water sources not available to many plants and thus thrive amid desert conditions. In Bible times palms flourished on the coast of the Sea of Galilee as well as along the lower reaches of the hot Jordan Valley and were particularly abundant around Engedi. Jericho is called “the city of the palm trees”. Palms also grew in the highlands as did Deborah’s palm tree in the mountainous region of Ephraim. We love you!. At the end of every year, film critics, book reviewers, my ex-girl friends, start making lists of the good and bad things that have happened during the year. I had planned on doing a little blog review at the end of the year. And this device would be as good as any. This is a very uneven movie. There are some extremely intense, powerful scenes and wonderful character dynamics built, but there are also such long stretches where nothing really happens and I found myself very bored. Honestly, the last half hour or so felt like I was just watching somebody's wedding video and I'd only get yanked out of it when they showed Anne Hathaway because I wondered when she was going to snap. Speaking of Anne Hathaway, she's absolutely brilliant and I don't think I would have checked in with the rest of what was going on around her if not for her performance. When she's at the center of things, the movie takes on a tremendous sense of both urgency and realism. But then during the scenes she's not in, I was just kinda counting the seconds until it was over. I cannot wait to be able to actually enjoy the patio! Soon enough. I'm also crazy and have been stuck on the idea of this wallpaper in our dining room: Crazy because there are a thousand other things I should be doing in this house besides wallpaper. My vision is otherwise: I'd like to alert you to worthy material that may or may not be from the Top Men or their friends. So if you know of any low-profile, excellent, pithy and pointed material, email it to me. I'd love to expand the tent. Such as. One who should be far better known and read than he is is my friend Fred Butler. I have been working on redecorating the house and nowthat the weather has warmed up. a tiny, tiny bit. andMy daffodils are starting to peek up. so as you know I call myself a writer, hence, it's probably no surprise to you that I am very happy if I get the chance to write in peace. It's not that nothing happens at all other times, it's just that I can't get my behind up to stay up late in order to capture my adventures for the rest of the world to enjoy. And I'm not only talking diaries, I'm talking poetry, lyrics, columns. Sadly, I can't put them on screen through telepathy, 'cause that would really help me. Anyhow, today I had journalism class and I think I've asked some annoying questions.

°Hello Mai°Hello Billy.

Happy Sunday to You.

Hello, My Friends!Check out this FREE VIDEO CLASS at Stephanie's Stamp Pad! See how to make this adorable Mini Stand-Ups card HERE Happy Stamping!. Why the change? Well, my old blog site was getting very tired.

Some editing of the CSS and the odd tweak here and there - and a new blog is born.

Inspirational crystal quote of the day: “I get by with a little help from my friends. ” - Ringo Starr This PSA brought to you today by The Ocean: Please do not take all the beach sand on your wetsuits, booties and surfboards. The shop does not want it. The storm drains do not want it.

The streets do not want it, but the ocean does.

Thank you for your cooperation. It's another overcast morning as the clouds are sitting low and pockets of fog are scattered throughout the area. Yet it is still a beautiful morning as the ocean is clear and glassy and all manor of wildlife are out and about doing their thing. Reed's gone, but bashful Benjamin Grimm, aka the Thing, is there. Over coffee, they discuss Reed's attempts at curing the Thing, when Ben mentions a contraption called a "psi-amplifier". scamwebsites. never-wire-money-to-strangers. , are scams from West African scammers mainly from Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana etc. I made the wood platform to the specs of the shooting rest manufacturer. I am going to cut the plywood to fit the bench by making a couple angle cuts on back to match angle of bench. I marked wood while it was mounted. I also need to drill and put one more threaded insert and bolt in the base. The directions call out for an "optional" bolt to be put through the base under rifle butt. Without the "optional" bolt, the rest has some wobble in it. I will modify it and try it again tomorrow. Need to loctite the scope mount bolts as they keep loosening up.

I hit cowboy town for a while.

I really love my newest lever gun.