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But if you're focused on the splits, you're missing the big picture. That would imply an "ABC"-type three move from the low today to a peak. As long as the lower wedge trendline holds, we'll throw this pattern up here and see what happens. I just love how Nancy created a quilt with the Stitched Rectangle Dies and Sweater Weather paper. We have been hard at work at Lawn Fawn head quarters, and, unfortunately, that has left little time for crafting! Thank goodness we have the LF DT to step in and inspire us! Now I know that most of you will be mad at me for saying this, but we're cold here in Southern California. J. J. My fascination with science began much earlier in a Hamilton public school. It was an epiphany when struck with the realization that the world around us does not behave randomly but rather is governed by strict rules and predictable properties which continue to be refined and discovered. From that moment on, my perception of the world changed. Science was all around us - everywhere, and all the time. Bubble mail: Hi, I've been following your blog for some time now, and I think it's absolutely sick! I thought you might be interested in seeing how they ride customized Harley's here in Finland. Thans Antti, that's Crazy. Cool stuff! Cheers, Lenny. I'm back today with a few more things I made with this month's new stamp sets/dies at Papertrey Ink. I have so many to show you, so I may break it up and share more tomorrow! The first set I played with was called Chevron Stripes. I decorated some cardstock eggs and attached them to candy-filled glassine bags. I used the Papertrey Ink felt to make little flowers. Next up is a card made with the new Ad Sense die and stamp set.


We had a very FANCY weekend at our house. So I thought I'd share with you all some of the highlights of the Princess' Sixth Birthday!First things first. I saw this idea for a birthday shirt ages ago when I first started blogging.

And I decided that I would start a tradition of making birthday shirts for my kiddos this year.

One has already put in his order for his birthday shirt. It is a business you can start anywhere in the country without fear of low patronage. Read this Post: Things You Need to Start Recharge Card Printing Business This business is capable of giving you good money if you do it well. Today I'm also featuring a new Punx drawing of the new Affleck Batman by MrUltimateCartoons, check it out! . I was at West Coast this morning to do some marketing and having my breakfast and it so happen that there's a Milo roadshow at one of the coffeeshop. Got chance to play game also Sure win game, you press the button and when it stop, it show's what prize you have won. Urban Grace Interiors. The males attract females by doing a courtship dance with their big blue feet—if the femaleis impressed, then she joins in. This fire truck was riding the ferry from the North Fork of Long Island to Shelter Island. We were all—fire truck too—headed to a big beach party for charity. May be hard to tell here,but the nice firefighter was actually very engaged with this little boy and his parents. A few snapshots from June. Fast like his daddy! Jake sprints as often as possible. Jake found his shadow!He loves that bear. Playing the "get you" game with Mommy. Today we all said farewell to him with another meal. The langostinos eaten before hand and the paella were cooked by Javi's father. You will find cute elements and papers to create some wonderful,funny and. scary lo's !! A lot of light effects to add a special touch to your pages,the cutest pumpkin man,some vintage cards and a lot of useful elements like branch,lace,flowers,strings. Which US corporations this information benefited were not identified.

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Strong: The strongest thing about the GDP numbers released yesterday was their smell. Especially in Denver. " In other words, keep your dog on a chain, Dick. Good Question : If Iraq is a sovereign country, why does it have to negotiate an exit date for US occupation troops. Oh, 'occupation'. Read the Instructions: Big Oil has scored a major contract to develop a major Iraqi oilfield on a production-sharing basis. snnantn. This water man could have been delivering bottles of water in almost any Mexican neighborhood. And there is a reason he is peddling his wares. This sign was pasted on the bathroom mirror in our hotel room. A lot of the architecture in Beijing is designed to reflect the modern image China so desperately wants to show the world. Or evocative. This is another example of an aluminum shell turning a motorcycle into a small car. So to go with the birthday books I made, I thought I would have a go at printing on canvas and making some little hanging pictures for my three brothers. This one is for my older brother and is of his son and daughter, the photo was taken in Bali, Indonesia. This one is for my eldest brother and is of his son and daughter, photo taken in the Tarn, France when visiting my Mum. They were fun to make, and I hope my brothers like them. Observation: This verse stands out to me because it shows me two major things about my God. Number one is that He takes delight in His people. He is delighted with His people. Secondly it shows me that God gives victory to the humble. God loves the humble and will raise them up. He will purposely cause the prideful to be defeated and the humble to experience victory. Application: I need a better understanding of how much the Lord delights in me. Many times I feel like I am not good enough and that God is not pleased with me. At those times I must turn to verses like this that tell me that God "delights" in me. He is "delighted" with me as His son. Explore. Dream. Discover. A tall tower standing in the middle of an ivory garden. A simple bedroom where the sheets are “stretched tight and the bed is narrow” and the lyrical language of its revered inhabitant still dips and swirls in the springtime light. I shall wander through family house in the country in which an entire movement of art was born and nurtured. I shall spend an evening with Peter and Alice, released now as they are from the pages of childhood. Le Guin’s A Wizard of Earthsea marks the first of the six now beloved Earthsea titles. Ged was the greatest sorcerer in Earthsea, but in his youth he was the reckless Sparrowhawk. In his hunger for power and knowledge, he tampered with long-held secrets and loosed a terrible shadow upon the world. Yes, I PURCHASED these tires to report on them. Provide an informative narrative for the product. Buying anything could be a risk. I have stamped my new Dress Up Tilda and given her this cute T Shirt and Skirt outfit to wear. The papers are from Rusty Pickle and I have added glitter to her shoe laces, skirt and T Shirt. Not a very good photo I'm afraid as it's been really dull and grey here all day. This colt's second dam is a half-sister to the Derby winner Grindstone. Ow. " In looking back, it was a bountiful treasure trove. Whether or not I naturally gravitated towards ancient pop culture or was just brainwashed by local programming directors is up for debate, but I like to think that I just loved old shows. My grandfather loved them and my dad watched them whenever possible. .