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He said unto them, He put clay upon mine eyes, and I washed, and do see. Others said, How can a man that is a sinner do such miracles? And there was a division among them. S. F. S. F. Triangulated spiral sculpture, Sixteen Billion Years by Pat Monk. American Center for Physics, College Park, Maryland. Photo by I. Peterson. That's what I call her, don't ask me why- it just fits. Isn't she cute? When I saw her, I immediatly fell in love with her.

All of her hair is done in short loops with what looks to me like perle cotton.

I really am partial to gingham and her dress and hat are sooooo darling.

"In Space No One Can Hear Your Lie".

Meet Jack Torrance, the man who took America to the moon. The Trip is a transmedia project directed by Kissinger Twins that consists of an interactive film for iPad, desktop and mobile, a short cinema movie, a photography series, a CD and a Vinyl Album. Hello there! This week's Viva la Verve sketch was perfect for a sweet birthday card for my sister-in-law. I rotated the sketch, and using the Framed Florals set from Verve, came up with this. I love all the different shades of blue with the pop of the patterned paper. There is still more time if you'd like to join this week's challenge. In honor of National Nurses Week, I am offering a review of "The Nurse's Story" by author Carol Gino. As with all book reviews on Digital Doorway, I have received no payment from either the author or the publisher in exchange for this blog post. I have only received a copy of the book from the author in order to facilitate the review process. Praised by Kirkus Review, The LA Times, author Mario Puzo, The Denver Post, and a variety of critics, readers and publications, "The Nurse's Story" remains one of the seminal stories of nursing and nurse burnout ever published. In this fictionalized account of the beginnings of her own nursing career, Gino tells the story of Teri Daley, a nurse in the New York area who enters the profession with great enthusiasm and fervor, using self-righteous determination to fight against the disparities and inequities that she so clearly sees permeating the American health care system of that era. As much as “The Nurse’s Story” tells the story of one nurse’s experience, it is a cautionary tale for all nurses, allowing the reader a glimpse into how a nurse can move from passion to burnout in the course of a few short years. Reading Ms. Gino’s book, I am reminded of the beginnings of my own nursing career, when I sometimes chose to continue to pay friendly visits to patients following their discharge from the home care agency where I was employed. In “The Nurse’s Story”, the protagonist receives telephone calls at home from some patients to whom she has given her personal telephone number, a regrettable choice that I also occasionally made in those early years. There are a thousand things in any given moment that one should be doing. I should be cleaning, I should be doing laundry, I should be exercising more, I should be researching the stock market, I should be practicing hapkido, playing a game of Go, or studying for an exam, or reading the sagas, or reading at all, or founding an LLP, or writing software, practicing energy work, or working harder at my job.

It is true, I should be doing all of these things, and a thousand other things besides.

If you are going to goof off today, goof off. If you are going to work, then get things done. If you have set your mind to do something, then do it and don't keep putting it off. Should is not a very useful word. I am simply mortified, shocked, filled with horror, that schools in this area have school workers who have tossed a kid's hot lunch in the garbage because their lunch balance was low. I tend to think of myself as a person of many words. I am without words on this one. I simply can't understand it. And throwing away a hot lunch in schools helps? At B-B-E, a school office worker I spoke with said they always work something out with parents and would never deny a kid a hot lunch. Due to Governor Dayton's executive order issued this morning, no activities will take place at B-B-E on Monday. Today has been no cupcake either, with stiff winds out of the south making driving conditions miserable. This morning staff and students were busy getting the gymnasium ready for all the action. On another note, here's a new website for the B-B-E J. O. Volleyball program. This week's OLW is on Heather's Blog. Methinks I'll be purging again soon. and I mean that in a good way. This takes a surprisingly steady hand, and I much prefer using these squares with a little space around them, or punched and popped into place using a dimensional. If you've been watching KRON the last few days and have noticed frequent blips, out of power moments, you're not alone. Too many times, in fact. Whether this has to do with KRON's move over to the Embarcadero is anyone's guess but the problems persists. Poor Gibbsy. He's got to rephrase everything the Bamster says when he ventures off-prompter. This week's lead faux pas was the description of American political process in the late summer when Congress-critters return to their districts and get feedback from the electorate as "everyone gets wee-wee'ed up. "I'll confess that I've not always traveled in the most refined circles. I've been in cowboy bars, Asian whore houses and Chicago's neighborhood taverns, but I've never before encountered that phrasing. I've even visited a Turkish prison and didn't here the guards or prisoners utter those or similar words. It's the first time I've heard it and it is from a Harvard attorney and US President. It must be special.

So, here's the sweeping up job of Gibbs:What the President Means.

W. Demands on traditional fish feed ingredients, mainly fish meal and oil, which are finite global resources, are increasing. I told you I was back into drawing squirrels. Actually this is more like a self portrait than a drawing of a squirrel. It's as if I drew this looking into a mirror. I did these drawing's at my freind Pat and Licha's farm in upstate New York. People always say to me it must be fun to draw. Yes it is but it is also torture. It's a kind of mental and physical torture. Drawing for me is a constant series of mistakes followed by constant attempts to correct the mistakes i just made two seconds ago. I need all the concentration i can muster. Laura Bush visited the new Pope today. She is on her was to the Olympics in Torino. I wonder how difficult it is for her to travel around meeting people overseas. This summer i spent a month in Australia, a week in Hong Kong, a Week in Amsterdam, a week in Rome and a week in Venice. In Sydney i was staying next to an Australian naval base so i ran into a lot of sailors at the local pubs. Every one of them hated our President Bush, and these are our allies. It was very depressing to have to go through this routine again and again. Telling them that i did not vote for him and explain that there is a large part of america that feels the same way they did. It was the first time i was not proud to be from america. When Laura Bush goes around Italy i wonder if they hire actors and pay them to pretend to be ordinary citizens or does she get the same treatment i got everywhere. Trying to explain away the mess her husband has caused in the world must be a gruelling task. Thanks to everyone who played along in last week's Mojo Madness contest! We're busy judging all the fabulous entries and will announce the mojolicious winners from last week's contest on Wednesday. So be sure to check back then to see the winning cards! As for today, it's Monday and time for a new sketch! We're back to playing just for fun this week, and as always, you can change up the shapes and sizes if you need. Mojo is all about the fun, so let your creativity take flight! To play along, just make a project using the provided sketch and upload it to your blog or online gallery. Then leave a link to your project using the linky widget at the bottom of this post. That way there's no confusion which linky is the current one. And here's a little inspiration from the Mojo Makers to get you started.

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.

John Andrew Holmes And we urge you. encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with them all. The power of technology depends on there being power. Sausage: The Democratic leadership in the Senate, having enough votes to pass meaningful health care reform with a public option is doing everything it can to prevent the passage of a meaningful heath care reform bill with a public option. Obeying the health insurance industry is why. No wonder they make the big bucks. Peter, Meet Paul: States have had to borrow billions from the federal government in order to make payments to the millions of unemployed citizens. Exploration and going outside is a big part of our daily lives and once in a while I like to share a little peek into our adventures. lu at indian beach from Alisa Burke on Vimeo.


The Adam Smith Institute has today published a pretty impressive report which will go down like a lead balloon in the ranks of blinkered trouser-stuffers in 'public health'. You can read the whole thing here but there are some cracking highlights. By stifling innovation, regulation may freeze products in a state that is far less safe than free-wheeling capitalism would otherwise provide. That products like this are finally making their way to market is evidence of the power of this incentive: they are replacing the more harmful original options in spite of, not because of, regulation. Indeed. And they are being brought to market while those who pretend to be interested in our health are scrambling to ban them. And it means that policymakers concerned about public health should draw back from the heavy-handed approach based on the precautionary principle that they currently take. The precautionary principle assumes that the status quo is acceptable – with so many people dying of smoking-, alcohol- and drug-related illnesses that is clearly not the case. It's a funny thing. I choose sofas all the time for clients, but choosing one for myself is a very scary thing.

I've bought sofas before, but they have always been inexpensive options for other rooms besides our family room.

But it's finally time to buy one that we will use every single day for years and years. ah! One reason why it's so hard for me to pick is a sofa is because I have champagne tastes on a beer budget. "Autumn has caught us in our summer wear. " - Philip Larkin Carol McCarlson on the beach in St. M. EDT. . She won the April/May Unity Challenge and will be joining us for the hop today! Too cool. here is just a sneak peek of her outstanding creation today. make sure you leave her some AWESOME Unity love. Swarup - Andrea Murdock - Jen Erickson - Karen Maldonado - Lisa Henke - Robyn Weatherspoon - Shemaine Smith - Thienly Azim - Angie Blom - We also have the new UNITY be inspired challenge up. by Dan PhillipsAs I've said in the past, I'm a bit of a modified van Tilian. I've long noted that many apologists write about apologetics theoretically, but few seem to do it in a way others can use. Fewer still produced anything that you can simply give an unbeliever. Blog regulars may think the reason for a lack of recent posts is that I took a day or three off birding to do a few household chores, look after grandkids or spend time with my long suffering wife. The truth is that all three played a part in my being AWOL but the major reason was the good old British Weather.

And all of this in our so called “Spring”.

On Wednesday morning I set off for Fluke Hall where I gave it an hour or two in the cold air and then quickly packed in after I saw and heard very little.

The few highlights proved to be watching a pair of Nuthatches collecting nest material before they flew into the nearby woodland to their chosen nest site.

By the early afternoon there was more rain so I was happy to be ensconced at home with a cup of tea and a chocolate digestive, postponing the birds until someday soon.

With your party polling at record lows and your personal preference as PM already in single figures and declining, why on earth would you go out and indulge is a very public display of FREEFALL Such is the shewd and acute political judgement of Andrew Little. From this morning's Herald:- Colin Craig reminds me of Frank Spencer in that old television show Some Mothers do Have Them. Well meaning, but bumbling and accident prone.

A couple of twisted tortured souls at Farrar's place attempt their ongoing booting the AB's in the groin as if their arrant rubbish has any merit at all.

I wonder if either of the perennial dribblers have ever even held a rugby ball? Longknives and Big Bruv more like Shortshanks and Big Blouse. Quick to pay well earned credit to a Spring Bok team on their game, were Skipper McCaw and AB coach Hansen. To lose graciously by two after turning down Three second half Penalty kicks for goal was a loss but the way they fought back after being behind at Half time was creditable. Having seemed to have moved onto an attack based game from the mindset tactics that Morne Steyn lynchpinned, the Boks are a far more formidable outfit. That young pivot Handre Pollard is a very good ball player. I will again make a plea for the rules and their interpretation to be as harsh as Wayne Barnes was on Messam. Yesterday it was reported he had been paroled from a correctional facility. This man convicted of an horrendous crime would not have warranted any publicity on release but for one fact. So much for a convicted criminal being released by due process to try and rejoin society following serving his sentence. The splurge of publicity and media glare has quite possibly made his transition to life in society an almost unsurmountable mountain and it is only happening because he has such a high profile and successful sibling. I guess it is pointless bringing the baying pack of moronic and talentless pseudo journalists to book as their collective intellect denies them sufficient nous to see their behavior might be so destructive. One important requirement was we had to get the release form notarized because Tom would not be present to sign. and worked late Monday-Wednesday. Thursday evening was our last chance before Fridays morning appointment. I rushed home, we fed Trev and got there as quickly as possible. Some won't play that game. and the Richness of LifeRecently two quotes that I really appreciated all over again am sharing here:You are rich or poor in life bySmiles around you,Friends you make,People you are with,Ideas you have,Dreams you chase,and the love you spread. - by Anonनितिधार्माचे आचरण ठेवता यावेमुलाबालांचे रक्षण करता यावे,अब्रुने जगता यावे, इतका पैसाजवळ असला की तो मनुष्य श्रीमंत समजावाIt means:To be able to live life with consciousness,To be able to take care of childrenTo be able to live with respectIf one has that much moneythen consider that person rich- by Shree Gondavlekar MaharajThe second one is what I live by. I think I have done better in life materialistically than my parents did. Yes they did equip me well for it and I am indebted to them. Plus GOD has blessed me with fewer responsibilities. So by those standards I have enough for my needs and a little more for others too. Yet life has made me a Fakir by nature. I don't care much for possessions. I give off easily what little I have. I appreciate the Fakiriyat in another person. Other exciting news. I received a text late this afternoon from a friend who had just been reading the new Knitting magazine. And in their blog reviews there I am.

The assistant editor Katie Allen, has written a lovely review of my blog.

I'm really flattered. I think she must have caught me in my 'blue' period when I didnt blog for a few weeks as she kindly asked me to start blogging again. So glad I did. What a fab day its been. .