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I hope some had fun working out the 'friend' of the Green Sandpipers on the Cambs Bird club. 'SC. Remember I said I had a few images colored, well here is one that I colored sometime ago. I have gotten much better with my coloring since coloring this one. I was a little heavy handed on the color! But, I loved the blues. I hate getting to close to the black bc I like the outline, but I don't want to leave to much white. While we were in Tupelo looking at wedding veils -pause for ahhhhh- we went to Johnnie's Drive-In for lunch. Elvis has a booth here labeled as the one he sat in when he came here as a child. It was very crowded, and we had to wait for a table.

There are photos online, and I'm linking to one here.

I had a hamburger, fries and a coke: We got a kick out of eating where Elvis had eaten, and the food and service were good.

Patience is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. God is patient. “The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance. Flat skies and low light angle means more Black & White images for ya'all! I got a ride in Saturday before we were to get all of this predicted rain fall here. Sunday didn't sound to be pleasant, so Saturday was the day on this weekend that if you were going to ride a bicycle, you did it then. I wasn't the only one, apparently, that felt that way. I saw where a small group went North on Saturday morning on gravel. I ran into my friend, Jeremy, going the other way as I left town, and just before I hit the gravel, I saw a group of eight road bikers, tail lights a blazin', going up Shaulis Road. Looks like all the "hardcore" cyclists are of like mind to me- get all you can outside while you can! This extended season has been great, but all of us know it could end anytime. This new storm isn't going to do that, apparently, as it will remain rain and too warm afterward to be considered "normal" weather here.

It's Fawny Flickr Friday! Woohoo! We love seeing all of the cards and layouts popping up in the Flickr group.

Keighley News reports on the Easter activities at the Brontë Parsonage Museum.

Youngsters – and parents – had an eggs-traordinary time at the Brontë Parsonage Museum in Haworth. Visitors had the chance to decorate hard-boiled eggs using a range of materials. “It was buzzing – there were lots of children there,” said Susan Newby, the museum’s education officer. “We had all sorts of fantastic designs, from angry birds to Daleks!” The session was among a host of Easter holiday activities staged by the museum, including talks, a churchyard challenge and a chance to view some of Charlotte Brontë’s possessions. Events continue today with an opportunity for people to write their own stories or poems and create illustrations.

And still locally and continuing with the controversy about the guide that didn't mention the Bradford attractions at all, The Telegraph and Argus highlights all the good things that Bradford has to offer.

Now here's an interesting tidbit gleaned from a review of the play In the Garden from the Chicago Sun-Times. seen in the streets of Amsterdam. Stephen Chow keeps a close eye on his inexperienced lead actressStephen Chow has a lot of exchanges with Jelly Lin courtesy of on. With her bashful personality that shies away from the spotlight, no wonder she became the new "Sing Girl". Lately Lin Yun has already begun work on MERMAID and Sing Yeh has been by her side to attentively instruct. In her first film Lin Yun had many challenges. She also had to get wet, flip and jump in the water. Happy Friday! Even happier Friday to those of you who are celebrating Labor Day weekend! I am ready for a three day weekend, I have a to do list of fun projects that I haven't had time to do all summer, and I'm looking forward to getting it all done. This week I've spent a lot of time talking about assessments and portfolios to help you get some systems in place. Make multiple copies of these Student Selected Evidence Tags and keep them on hand. Children will love that they get to help choose their best work to showcase in their portfolios!. It's Wednesday, and here at Preschool Ponderings, that means time to focus on the standards. Every Wednesday I choose an Early Learning Standard and share a number of activities that can be aligned with that particular standard. Children should be able to speak clearly and pronounce words correctly, but they should also be able to express their thoughts, and describe people and places. This weekend, we are holding the annual Art Fayre at the Glengarry Pioneer Museum in Dunvegan, Ontario. I encourage you to attend, as the art is fabulous and varied this year.

Painting, sculpting, drawings, ceramics, woodturning, and of course, my rug-hooking:That's Cupcake on the left, and Charlotte on the right.

It's worth the drive to Glengarry. I have dozens of photos from Saturday and Sunday uploaded to the Sauk Centre Herald photo gallery. The downside is that we're using a new format and new gallery, and for some reason the photos are not sequenced on chronological order. Uuf Da, I have some learning to do with that gallery. Be sure to read about the new launch in this week's column by Dave Simpkins in the Sauk Centre Herald. Labels: brooten mn. After the prom he drove to a secluded spot and parked. After some really passionate embracing, he persuaded her to move into the backseat. When things got heated up again he said, "Tell me, do you object to making love?""That's something I have never done before," Ashley replied. "Never made love? You mean you are a virgin?"Brad was amazed.

"No, silly!" she giggled.

"You drink pop, not sodaYou love your fries with poutineYou go to the washroom, not the restroom or bathroomSomeone accidently stepped on your foot.

I have just taken up running.

I can deal with all of that but my body is showing signs of age.

My muscles and knees are not cooperating the way I thought they were going to.

Some mornings I have to hobble through my routine.

My stretching exercises need to improve. At this point, I am mostly immobile. I hobble and limp around all day long. I limp so much that I went to the doctor. They gave me an MRI and found a stress fracture. I think I'm going to go back to my bike. siremar.


Amy Brown, the world-class authority on all things related to the late, legendary Soledad Miranda, now has a terrific new interview with Jess Franco up on her soledadmiranda. Great job, Amy! Amy Brown Thanks to Amy for the link and images. Your E-mail and More On-the-Go. It really gets under your skin. Rare advert for English language version. What a busy weekend! It was awesome!!!!Friday was the Paws On Scrapbooking Cyber Crop. since I love ice cream and could eat it everyday. The market will fix healthcare the same way it has fixedhousing, employment, energy and starvation. Touchy: The new Pakistani government has told the US that it doesn't appreciate having missiles lobbed at its citizenry. Ingrates. If, But, Then: The Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight - don't you love the name? - is Fannie and Freddie's Nanny. I had a bunch of photos from the past few days, so I'm just going to post them all together. It was a lovely afternoon, and many people were enjoying it.

While I was snapping the photo of the she-wolf, I heard one guy nearby say, "everyone takes a picture of that!" Here's why you don't see more pictures.

That was supposed to be a picture of a couple, in wedding attire, having their picture taken. Her går det slag i slag føles det som. Idag har mine blå Iris reticulata slagit ut. Disse er de jeg satt forran det gamle epletre i rosenhagen. Virkelig en herlig syn. Det er litt lustig å tenke på hvor liten en blomst kan være for å vekke en sån glede hos meg så her års. Egentlig er det jo kalt og tomt i hagen, allt ser halvdødt ut og det ligger fortsatt klatter med snø på ulike steder, men det er så godt å se disse solstrålar, som jeg har ventet og lengtet. Disse planterte jeg i høstes og var usikker på om de kom til å overleve hos meg. Nå kan jeg jo begynne planlegge hvor jeg skal sette løken som var i potten jeg kjøpte tidligere iår, den må da ut den og. Idag var det sol men det blåser fortsatt den der kalde vinden som gjør at man trekker inn igjen etter en time eller to ute om kvelden. Order now and you will receive the set in January. let us know which Roy Kirkham Rose Motifs you will like to order. unclefred. Galveston in October. she puts on a show. If you're going to Quilt Market you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse. Last year the Bunny Hill team took an extra day after Market to relax and explore the areas around Houston. I'd go back just to Galveston just to catch a look at these beautiful old houses. Birds, birds, and more birds Last week I was at one of my favorite stores in the world – Essentials in Northampton, Massachusetts.

The store isn’t big by any means but they have a great mix of products – stuff for the kitchen, notecards and wrapping paper, rubber stamps, kids clothes, a esoteric selection of books including craft and cookbooks, beautiful upholstered furniture, custom invitations, and way more.

It has a spacious, airy feeling and the merchandise mix changes frequently so there is always something new to look at. A couple years ago, I taught a couple embroidery classes there. Their clientelle is of all ages and the people who work there are so warm and friendly. It’s hard to leave without buying something. She’s the one who set up my embroidery class and she frequently does craft classes of her own.

She's very nice to my daughter Julia too.

I mentioned to her that I felt like everything I was seeing lately was beginning to look the same. It’s beginning to baffle me – perhaps I just shop and look at stores and magazines that all are featuring the same darn aesthetic. This is the case for me with this image from Lorenzo Castillo. I kept the image large so you could see everything. I love that there is pattern and detail and mixed elements but nothing feels "trendy". And if you know me, you know I love old things. Mini Batman paper toy from Gus Santome. So, now you've seen my tiny stash and my sewing room in general.

I was just wondering how many drawers I have in my sewing room.


That sure does seem like allot, huh? I love the plastic drawer sets you buy so cheaply these days. blogspot. co. "A Poison of the Blood!".

My son took his own life due to a failed relationship.

He had everything going for him. The Lord led me to write a book on his life and I hope to save someone's life through my experience. Spring colors are decidedly sweet. It is like the opening of a new box of crayons, breaking out the blues, greens, yellows, pinks. Which colors shall I choose? All of them, depending on the day. Easter egg colors. vivid pastels. A couple of images of Grigori scanned from photos by Per Bernal. .