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I have a number of old snapshots of rural America.

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. In the meantime here is a link to an early review on MONDO-DIGITAL. Eugenie. There was never a charge laid against the man, and the prosecutors tried to dismiss the case, but the Arkansas Court of Appeals has ruled that the cops can keep the money. Civil forfeiture laws must go. That translates to flame wars on those whose political beliefs they don't like. I posted three photos from this editorial set earlier last year, which I got from Ujjwala's agency website IMG. e. , the photographer, magazine, etc. I'm always glad to see Ujjwala Raut's work. Last but not least, to Rosemary Donaldson, Troon Greenlees Secretary, who has coordinated today's lunch. She also gave a special thank you to Carol Fell who gives so much time and effort to golf in the West of Scotland - her contribution is enormous. Now that the Christmas cards have begun to roll in, I came up with a temporary place to hold them. A Santa basket on my multi-use Pottery Barn basket tray. besides my usual taping them to doorway plan of previous years! So, for now they will sit in this cute little Santa basket I picked up at Michael's. I always struggle with this spot on my coffee table anyway. You might recall, how I recently staged the table for fall. We had a blast at our Halloween Party and hope you did, too!. We are sometimes so caught up with our lives that we neglect the big picture. Study the matrix above. Urgent means that it has a time factor to it. It needs to be done as soon as possible in order to meet datelines that are either self-imposed or externally imposed.

Important means that it fulfills certain long term goals or mission.

These are crises situation and are emergencies. Priority should be given to these. But how many crises situation are there in a day? If everything is a crisis, your workflow is not set up yet, so you might need to work on that. An example of such a situation is when your client calls you for an important presentation that may lead to a sale. Here again is the Ignace-Gaston Pardies Celestial Globe papercraft but this time as a Christmall Ball. Custom Dumpy paper toy from Dikids showing featuring an 'Astro Boy' design. ' In China, children represent happiness and are a lucky symbol. The article describes and illustrates, step-by-step, how to put together the structure of this book. Avenue Capital Europe Some Hedge Funds Long on Euro Zone Countries The New York Times has an interesting story on a hedge fund, Avenue Capital, which is taking a large long bet on the Euro Zone's recovery. Now, even as Europe’s economic problems worsen and the markets punish giants like Spain and Italy, Mr. Lasry is among a coterie of hedge fund and private equity managers who are gambling that the euro zone will stay intact and revive over the long run. The cartoons produced at the Ub Iwerks studio contain some of the best examples of that : many of them have gags involving racial and ethnic stereotypes , sexual innuendo , and even the use of drugs. In the final gag of the cartoon , a guy who's trying to take his tooth out , after many unsuccessful attempts , he finally succeeds after going into the room of an undressed girl and receiving a punch in the face from her. Here are some pictures from this cartoon. Enjoy!. Since we have nothing too exciting going on, I felt the least I could do was post pics of our family doing what we do best. "couch time". This set includes sheep themed sentiment stamps for Get Well cards, Birthday cards, Thank You cards, Miss You cards, and Just For You. whichever is first! Get it NOW before the price goes up! No Rainchecks.

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:"A mind is a fire to be kindled, not a vessel to be filled.

” - PlutarchPlenty of overnight high winds have littered the roads with natures debris. Beware branches, leaves, pine cones, limbs and other assorted-ness as you make your way to the beach. Slow down as some pieces are big and chunky. Sunny and clear now with E winds that are moderate to light. Great time to get that new Winter suit and patch up the old one. We just stocked up on hooded fullsuits and booties so check it out if you are cold. It is a beautiful beach day. An - I don't work Fridays day. A day off school day. I haven't set a date for the next website update, but I'm working away on new pieces. though finding it a little difficult to concentrate. May set a date soon!. I think it would make for the ultimate everyday cruiser!. Here are our girls. They love being sisters, they have such a tender awareness of each other.

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