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I converted this skirt down for little girls as I think it would look adorable with various tops. I plan on making those tops later on. Included also are new shoes that match in the same colors as the base game flats. There might be some issues here and there, but if are, they're minor. Either way, shoot me an ask on Tumblr if you find one. Today I had an interesting feedback experience. Most people that have spent some time around machine shops have had to deal with inspection and measurement. For a large majority of normal job shop work the machinist with properly calibrated measuring tools can self inspect most of their own work. Where it can get tricky for the guys on the floor are situations where there are many interrelated geometric surfaces and relationships. The situation I ran into today was that the part that needed to be measured was outside the envelope of the better measuring tools at hand and to add to that I really wanted a definite known number for the overall length of the part. From a previous post I mentioned a measuring gage I have been working on in my spare time. In the picture above you can see a length standard between the anvils of the coil pack measuring gage. This particular standard is one from our large micrometer set that I was testing out the repeatability of the new gage. I am afraid I have no pics tonight, but you don't really need them to describe what I have to offer!! A film with Jadie and I has recently gone up on Northern spanking called "I'm sorry I came". GO and see it!!!. We'll keep updating our basic wave count charts as they are working quite well. Sometimes these last waves just don't happen. We are finally back from the CHA trade show! It was so much fun to get to show our new products and see everyone in person! Our friends at Scrapbooks by Design took a quick video in the booth. I used Riley's ABCs for a custom sentiment! The banner is from the Daphne's Closet element stickers. I just popped it up on some foam adhesive for some dimension. And Triptykon, acclaimed for its genre-defying, avant-garde metal stylings, is the perfect band to make the connection. “In the Sleep of Death,” a song on Triptykon’s recent album Melana Chasmata, speaks directly to Brontë like a long-lost love. “Emily, how long may this dismal moment last/ Here in this world was your life/ Emily, how can I find serenity,” frontman Tom Gabriel Warrior growls on the dirge-like track. The song “is an homage to a woman of exceptional beauty, both in her words and as a person,” Warrior writes in liner notes. Tower climbs will be offered every half hour and will take in the views from the top of the tower across Derbyshire. The Carillon is like a giant musical box that plays tunes on the Cathedral’s ten bells. Leopoldo Lopez's nonviolent example of resisting Maduro's dictatorship delivers results but the struggle continues. CNE final tally of the vote in Venezuela according to Carlos Vecchio In the euphoria over Sunday's victory some have proclaimed that Venezuela is a democracy. Sadly, it is not but the election with the opposition's exit polling and nonviolent protests to ensure that the vote is respected shows a path of action that can lead to a restoration of democracy. Leopoldo López Mendoza, the imprisoned nonviolent opposition leader, on the eve of the elections explained how despite the regime in power being a dictatorship why Venezuelans should vote in a series of tweets that are translated to English below the image: Leopoldo López Mendoza: "Voting against a dictatorship is not only a right it is a duty. Voting is one of the tools we have to fight. Voting against a dictatorship is an act of protest, of democratic rebellion and is worth it. Because if forced by circumstances, due to the avalanche of votes, they decide to respect the people's will it would have been worth it! Because if they are to ignore the will of the people they will have to take it from us and we will defend it democratically. I decided to confront this dictatorship to expose it in all areas: in the street, in the electoral and the moral. " Four out of the five branches of the Venezuelan regime remain under the control of Maduro's party, the PSUV. The production's lighting, prop, costume and other teams also prepared cakes for her. Sister Siu Hung thus received five birthday cakes. Speaking of earlier in the production when she had nine stitches from a metal can cut, Sister Siu Hung said, "I am already back to being a beauty!" As for birthday wish, Sister Siu Hung wished for happiness for her friends. cc from flickr. This article isn't meant to be an extensive study into what the SDA church believes, rather a summary of the main reasons why I believe this is the true remnant Christian church. Çamurlu suda eğlenen çocuklar demiş anneleri. Bugün gittiğimiz manastırın instagramdaki fotolarına bakarken bunu buldum az önce. Dün çekmiş, eklemişler. Çocuklar dışarıya, doğaya çıktıklarında istedikleri gibi oynayamayacaklarsa, dışarıya çıkmanın ne anlamı var? O zaman temiz temiz evinde oturacaksın. Esma'nın iki çizmesi var. Birisi kışlık çizmesi, bir tane de ucuz plastik bir çizme. Her zaman yanımızda taşıyorum. My parents celebrate for a whole week in October.

They celebrated it by helping my sister bale hay.

” I always reply, “Dad you can go on without me. ” These beautiful/handsome youngins are all of my other baby brothers grand's. The four oldest are all in first grade this year. The "Grands" and my handsome and handy Son In Law Andy. helped put up the big tree. The children were impressed with it's tallness and they all helped decorate it the evening before Christmas Eve. Andy is very TALL. he began by lifting the children in the air to hang ornaments. finally he just took the tree apart at the top and held onto it while the children decorated. Noah got to put the Angel on top, because he was the first one that asked me if he could do the honors. When I took out the ornaments I ran onto the Angel. simple and clean layout.


They kill not because they want to Because they think it's right to In some cases Have mercy on them and someday they may Have mercy on you The Mercy Killers Have mercy on you The Mercy Killers. Susan L. When the police arrived to conduct what they dishonestly called a "welfare check," Stuckey refused their offer to "help. Here's a lengthy news release from the U. S. attorney's office. The primary aim of feed formulation is to provide an acceptable diet that meets nutritional requirement at different stages of fish life so as to yield optimum production at minimum cost. After seeing Mamarazzi Fried ArrowHead, i was tempted to do it as i have never try it out before. But i use half packet to try it out. I dare not use a slicer as i scare of 割到手. This is how my fried arrowhead turn out. The head of the SCA is still in conflict with the government, and SCA employees are now closing sites as part of their protests. I cannot imagine how SCA employees believe that closing sites to tourism is going to improve the finances available to improve their conditions. Following the announcement today that Abdel Fatah would be offered the full authority of a minister, in order to better proceed with the Council’s archaeological and administrative work, protesters blocked the entrance to the Council’s offices in Abbassiya, switching off the electricity and preventing the employees from entering.

They also expelled the building’s security guards and shut the iron gates.

Sorta. We got a box of curricula in the mail today.

After that, the kid and I sat down at the kitchen table with the tests and we patiently started working through them.

Some of it was a quiz sort of thing - "Find something tall. Find something short.

" Some of it was coloring, both to show fine motor skills, some of it to show she knows colors and right/left, that kind of thing.

Some of the questions I had to answer were pretty weird - does she understand manners? Well, geez, she's FIVE. She doesn't spit on people, but she's sure as heck not Emily Post, either. Anyway, things are in motion and it seems to be going all right. Supposedly, when the guys were impressed with someone's abilities, the phrase to use was "He can draw his ass". Yes, someone please PINCH ME! Most of you know I love JILLIBEAN SOUP, I adore Kim & Jill and have had the pleasure of meeting them a few times at CHA and Crop& Create Events. LOVE/ Smile / Enjoy Today/ Eat your Veggies and Exercise! Some of those I don't do myself everyday. but it was a message I wanted to give her. Personally, I think it was a good effort but somehow it didn't have much impact. G-Savour tells a story of an elite ex- military MS pilot 'Mark Curran' who was caught in a situation having to join the separatists in their struggle to save the earth and colonies from famine. In my opinion, the movie appeared of low-budget and the costumes & props looked like those rented from 'Starship Troopers'. The CGI movement seems blocky and moved in slow motion but there should be some credits given to the production crews for the used of CGI for a movie of that era. I would say the movie would probably appeal to purely Gundan fans. My little Rosie enjoyed the crisp fall weather today. She spent the afternoon chasing a ball around like a wild girl. And eventually, she managed to chew a hole in it. like every other ball.

Hello to you.

hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day. I have a couple of Memorial Day inspired goodies to share. Two toppers both with ole Glory colors. One has a base of cupcake liners that I fell in love with and the other I created a whirly gig base. Diecut layers using foam adhesive for dimension, fussy cut images, flower layers, and lots of ribbons including textured two-tone light blue ribbon, lipstick red seam binding, plaid ribbon in red, and satin with silver metallic edge in red. Fun to stick in a flower frog, basket, decorate a cake with. This one is for my daughter's room since she is always yellingat all of us to keep out! Aw the life of a teenager. xoxo. Signed, A concerned citizen. Bill Dunn over at American Thinker thinks so. Roberts may have also doomed Hillary Clinton's chance to live in the White House again. Conservatives and Republicans across the land were apoplectic. But in hindsight, it appears that Roberts actually saved the Republican Party from going into a death spiral and imperiled the Democrats instead. This suggests amazing foresight, but it wouldn't be the only instance. BalmainCallaCatherine MalandrinoChris BenzDKNY, via nymag. Pattern. Tilda and Friends ChallengeThis weeks challenge at Tilda and Friends is to use pink and turquoise on your ATC. I have used Tilda The Skating Princess from Magnolia and some scrummy MME papers. I have added lots of Glamour Dust to the turquoise card so it is really sparkly, just doesn't show up to well on the photo though!!We have a fab Greetings Farm stamp up for grabs you can check it out here. SuppliesStamp: Magnolia - Tilda The Skating PrincessTools: Copics, Cuttlebug, Gems, Glamour DustDP: MME.

A major source for this visit, written by a man who was closely associated with the French court at the time, is the rhyming chronicle of Godefroy or Geoffrey de Paris, who was almost certainly an eyewitness to the events he describes which occurred during Edward and Isabella's visit, or at least some of them.

-A. Buchon, is available on Google Books and Archive. .