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The largest paintbrush I have ever seen. One of the many wonderful things about Filofax is that there's loads of pockets in the binders to stick things into. Cards, tickets, scraps of paper, a nail file, some band-aids, and whatever else can fit into the pockets and card slots. What do you have in your Filofax that's NOT on the rings?. More "Ran Paul" here and here. I am happy to let you know that your site has been included in this list. Thanks for your time!Sheryl Owen The site is called "Change of Address", not somewhere I would expect my blog to be listed, LOL! But you never know! Browsing down the list of blogs included, I found some interesting fellow bloggers, you can have a look here. bonus: Here is the Nerdist video. I'm going to revisit the issue of head coverings. Very timely in light of the transgender debate that's going on in church circles. They think true obedience to Scripture means just doing whatever it says. A couple weeks ago I quilted this last Quilt of Valor that I got from Di Richards, the Indiana QOV coordinator. This was made by someone in Valporaiso, I think. I'm not sure if there was a pattern, but I seriously doubt it.

It's probably one of the my least favorite quilts.

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It is easier for me to see life from a higher and wider perspective than is possible for you at the earthly level.