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Discovery News reports that Radioactive Boars are on the rise in Europe. As Tam said of her local face-eating monkey situation: "the moment for which I have prepared all my adult life is finally here. Maybe not as well as you fear. Looks like I've managed to throw them off the scent. Bwa ha ha. Leaf on leaf on grid, part of installation by Susan Schelle and Mark Gomes. Photo by I. Peterson.

These last two weeks have been too much! When do we as women finally learn to say enough? There are so many things to do! And most of these things can be really good things.

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But before I stop I want to thank co-blogger Sibo for his great posts.

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The problem with clear projects is they are really hard to photograph.

In addition to the embossing, I also glittered the edges with Mod-Podge and prisma glitter. Lastly I made the cupcake icing sparkle! I used the same technique that I used on the snow letters here.

I applies a thin layer of liquid glass using a paint brush, and then I sprinkled glitter over the top.

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Often the clouds of sorrow reveal the sunshine of His face.

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Congress spends more money on the military than anyone else, by far.

thomasmailaender everlasting blort. utopiasthlm. Cleaning out the house has led to a few moments of sentimentality. But there have been far more guffaws. Yesterday I found this gem.

I do not know why it is in a frame.

But I know why it is has been so honored. Someone knew irony writ large. Even all of those American teenage girls who think they sound like Beyonce instead of Bea Arthur. Before I built a wall I'd ask to know What I was walling in or walling out, And to whom I was like to give offence. Mending WallRobert Frost My back yard looks as if children rehearsing for Mardi Gras have paraded across my lawn. There are shreds of paper of various size. Not the uniform deadly massacre of a lawn mower when it meets its mortal enemy. No. The budding sculptors are gray squirrels. Before I go any further I want you all to say after me: "It's OK Anne, that your new patterns aren't ready yet. We promise". Thanks everyone! I could use your help and I'm so sorry to be so late. Hi guys. Not much to say except that I've only got one pic.

Have a great day!.

I'm saving up inspiration for the big house that the husband and I will fill full of blond, curly haired little children some day.

Okay, back to reality.

If you remember, Kerry Howard was a contestant on Top Design on Bravo TV. I never really noted his designs as ones that I would lust over, but I think he was voted off much too early. ! They have such a wide range of images, and I love the rubber cling style stamps. Fleece cowl is a perfect accessory to keep the winter blues away from your neck! This fleece cowl is one of my simplest patterns and can be whipped up in minutes! You can give a personal twist to the design by using printed fleece for the body of the cowl and solid fleece for the ruffle. Lace is also a good option for the ruffle. Adding ornamental wooden buttons add a vintage touch to the cowl. These are your cowl body pieces. These are strips for your ruffle. Join the strips along the shorter edges at both ends with the right sides together to form a loop. The post was titled Schools. We are truly on an exciting journey in Farmingdale Schools. .