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Design is visible from both sides. I'm taking a little trip with some friends for a nice long weekend in a mountain retreat. I will miss you all and will be hoping that you are having a wonderful weekend too. I will be doing one of my favorite things which is playing with paper,scissors, glue and lots of glitter!!!. Watch: One string funk Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld. I'm always so humbled to get this question. I love that I got so many of you interested in bone collecting, processing and art but everything done at BoneLust is a one woman show and will likely always stay that way. Not that I don't wish I had little packing gnomes helping me get orders out, but because I'm a very private person, I don't have an actual art studio or storefront. Everything you see here, happens on my property and in my home. I don't honestly have the time to take on an apprentice right now either. If I ever have a workspace NOT at my home this may all change though! Best I can do is to continue making educational posts here. In fact this law mandates universities and private industry to work together to bring the fruits of university research to the public. This process has resulted in many medical innovations and advances that have improved the lives of millions of Americans. But disclosure is far from the only strategy that the Stanford School of Medicine uses to protect the public's interest. When we identify a significant conflict, we take steps to eliminate, mitigate or manage it. courtesy of on. He played a mentally ill otaku with severe insomnia. He said that his character was very much like the real him. Aside from anxiety he also had a habit of calling the police. I went to see a psychiatrist and was diagnosed with anxiety disorder. I was afraid of taking the elevator and wearing bottleneck shirt. At the time I always felt that I didn't have enough time and became very anxious. When I was hungry I had to eat right away. Thanks for watching. divirtam-se!!! Thank you to all creators. Without you my houses would not be the same. With Love, Dinha. The investigation is ongoing. ". When the child was found in the van, he was dehydrated from the heat and was transported to Homestead Hospital where he recovered after treatment. He admitted to violating that policy, causing the victim to be left in the van. When he arrived at his destination, he let the children exit the van without counting each child as required. Consequently, one child was left inside. Sorry for the pun! My bees arrived Saturday night. My mentor forced swarms into my two hives and I have two young and possibly sexy Carnolian queen bees hard at work, laying eggs:They are closer to the house this year, behind the garage with several varieties of mint plants growing around them, which they should love! Last year they were way out in the back of beyond, by the pond in our woodlot. It seemed like a good idea at the time. The hive on the left is my fancy new hive of British design, the one on the right is my old used standard hive. My mentor William brought the hives over in his truck after sunset on Saturday, and he and Gordon quickly put them in place. big old russets for the entire winter. The girls were less than impressed. Walking along the rows in the field looking for low spots where the lifter had missed some spuds was not these born and raised in the city girls idea of fun. I told them to just pick faster and soon we would be done. We gleaned potatoes for many years, I do not eat russets anymore. well not often anyway. I prefer the reds. However, Neo-Colonialism is more dangerous because of its system of operation, which leads to poor development and economic dependent on the countries involved. In contemporary Nigeria today, neo-colonialism is a mighty obstacle which prevents the countries from experiencing meaningful development. This research seminar work at the end intends to help contemporary Nigerians to know the negative impacts Neo-colonialism has created in Nigeria and how best to tackle it, for a better change and rapid development in this country, Nigeria. Add these and many other HO and N scale models to your collection today!. Wintersett Res: The boathouse Cetti's Warbler was"chicking" and showing well, on the west bank. Calm, dry day and all the ice had gone from the lake. The other adult was seen dead in the water today. The corpse looked in reasonable condition, so I'd imagine it must have died in late December. Gone seven years now. She died of a brain aneurysm right in front of Hannah and I in the back yard. It was one of the worst experiences I have ever had, and when Hannah and I talk of her we tear upsomething fierce. I have loved all my pets and I have had many. A few were adored. Libbey was one of them. Observation: The Psalmist realized his weakness and God's strength. He realized that his own strength and his body would fail him, but that God was his strength and his portion. He knew that only God could give him the strength he needed to do what he needed to do. Application: Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, exhausted, tired and fatigued. Sometimes I feel exactly what the Psalmist was saying. In those times, I must remember that God is my strength and that I am not on my own. But recently, changes in rainfall patterns and rising temperatures have led to a disturbing form of population movement: climate displacement. This Workbasket design is a very old one and it's one of my favourites designs made by Candy. I stitched it many years ago but I still do love it very much for his modern style. Our sketches can be used to create different sizes of cards, layouts, Pocket cards for scrapbooking, Pocket Letters, tags, school bulletin boards, etc. We want you to have the freedom you need to enjoy our sketches while making the proportions fit your image, sentiment, and project type. We'd love you to be a Follower of our blog. An InLinkz Link-up. School holidays mean babysitting, and then thanks to Bertha no birding when I was marooned indoors for a couple of days. Collared Dove Chaffinch - juvenile male Chaffinch - juvenile female juvenile Goldfinch I’ve seen lots of House Sparrows this summer, more than for many years. I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed the same? I’m certain that the many sunny days, lack of rain and generally settled weather of June and July has meant that following a series of disastrous years our old friend the spadger has enjoyed a good breeding season at last. House Sparrow - juvenile Spadger is one of many dialect names for our House Sparrow, terms which also include sparr, sparrer, spadger, spadgick, spug and spuggy, mainly in northern England or spur and sprig, mainly in Scotland. I’ll bet there are others I’ve not mentioned, particularly in other parts of the world and if so I’m certain blog readers will let me know. House Sparrows have lived alongside humans since the Stone Age, and although I’m not quite of that period older readers like me will remember how the House Sparrow was once a hugely successful species. There’s a spot of birding to report, a few pictures from the garden, then news of a newly published paperback book. On my way to Pilling after lunch I saw three pairs of Kestrels, a species very active at the moment and which looks to have survived the mild winter well. The Greenshank and Green Sandpiper still grace the pools if you know where to look and how to approach the water so as not to scare them both into the inner, hidden pools. KestrelBack home in the garden a pair of Long-tailed Tits are building a nest in a berberis bush, and the Blackbirds are also busy constructing a nest somewhere. Long-tailed TitLong-tailed TitBlackbirdPrinceton University Press sent me a copy of “Birdscapes- Birds in Our Imagination and Experience”, a book previously published as a hardback and now for the first time published in paperback. Merci Violette.

Enjoy a bowl of soup and the warm atmosphere of the Bistro: Hungarian Mushroom Creamy Tomato Roasted Garlic Potato Leek Sweet Pepper Bisque Thai Chicken Ginger Coconut Beef Vegetable Spring Vegetable Summertime LentilWhat a day!.

Trees in bloom covered with snow. Springtime in the Rockies! Yours Truly, Miss Bloggette. Another sunny day in Bolinas. Patch: A handful of surfers out. Waist - shoulder high sets breaking far out- not too steep of a wave so you will still want a longboard for the patch. Should stay good until the tide drops dramatically later in the day. Anticipate the size to decrease with the outgoing tide. There are references to Jewish traditions that see the passage as being about "a lament by David over the future exile" or "the threat against the Jews by Haman in the book of Esth. It aligns far better with Jesus' crucifixion than with anything we know of from David's life. Since the Messiah was expected to be a descendant of David, the passage makes the most sense as a Messianic prophecy written by David. It's highly unlikely that there's some naturalistic explanation for an unknown ancient Jew, who wouldn't have had much interest in crucifixion, writing something so much resembling a Roman crucifixion scene, then having his psalm attributed to David, who was so closely associated with the expected Messiah and who never experienced anything close to what the psalm describes. Dan's niece in Denver just had a baby boy and she requested a Southwestern theme for his quilt. I did some searching online and found this embroidery design at emlibrary. A simple meander on this one. A close up of the fabrics: I sent the quilt about a month ago and didn't know the baby's name as they were waiting to see him to make the final decision on his name. We also went to see colored trees in the daytime. It was beautiful and my niece enjoyed it very much. I and my mother found a beautiful shop of dyed clothes and bags. It was an old house and we liked the displays. We like seeing this kind of shop. Hello Friends!! Heather here and today I am excited to be doing a little Guest Designing work for Bonnie here at Really Reasonable Ribbon!! I hope everyone enjoying springy weather!! I know I am!!! Today I would like to share with you a little tag/ornie that I created using some fabby goodies from RRR! I just love the soft romantic feel to it! I used some images from Gecko Galz and Optic Illusions to create this darling little piece. I used my Perfect Mini Layer Rulers to create the pink layers of matting for my image and banner piece. I used the fabby Tombow Foam Tabs to elevate my focal image and then wrapped a piece of the pink diagonal ribbon and secured it with a bow. I added a sweet little deep ivory mulberry rose to finish off that side. Opposite that I used some of the flower images and a sweet baby pink mulberry rose. so please link up your projects here!! Enjoy your summer and I hope you have some time to play with your ribbons and trims!! Hugs!! Heather. .